Fully Revised 3rd Edition

The Solutions Focus Book

Welcome to thesolutionsfocus.com, the home site for The Solutions Focus: Transforming change for coaches, managers and consultants by Paul Z Jackson and Mark McKergow, now available in a new and fully-revised third edition, more than two decades after it first appeared.

“This book will help us deal with the challenges of our times in intelligent and innovative ways.”

Dr Ivan Misner

BNI Founder and New York Times bestselling author

The Definitive Guide to Revolutionary Wisdom

Solutions Focus practice is transforming coaching, consulting and leadership in organisations all over the world. A powerful yet simple approach to positive change, a Solutions Focus (SF) approach helps you move things forward even in the toughest and apparently most intractable situations. The first edition of the book in 2002 kick-started interest in using SF methods in coaching, team and organisational development and management.

The Solutions Focus is the definitive guide to this revolutionary yet practical alternative to conventional wisdom. It demonstrates how the unique SIMPLE method of working sidesteps the search for the causes of trouble and heads directly for the solution. Today there are practitioners around the world using, sharing and extending this pragmatic approach.

Solutions Focus is in widespread use by consultants, coaches, facilitators and managers. It can be applied at one-to-one, group or organisational levels. Applications include health and wellbeing, sales and negotiation, team building and leadership, performance management, organisational strategy and even peace-building and climate resilience.

Paul Z Jackson

Mark McKergow

Emphasising Continued Leadership

This long-awaited new edition of The Solutions Focus is fully revised and updated for today’s executive, career and life coaches. It includes the transformative OSKAR coaching framework, one of the most popular models throughout the coaching world.

Revisions to this acclaimed book include updates throughout to position it in the contemporary landscape. Next generation developments are fully covered including new research on embodiment and experience, the role of hosting rather than directing, and the importance of detail.

New case studies from around the world including Tate, Sky TV, the Austrian parliament. a school in Australia and a prefecture in Japan continue the book’s legacy of learning from real cases by looking closely at what happens and how it works. Finally, new material exploring improvisation and co-constructed stories completes the update and will ensure this book remains the leader in its field for generations to come.

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